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Profitability is an obvious ingredient to a successful business. By looking outside the box we can often find ways to increase profits and the success of our businesses.

Pro-active Job Costing

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For years I have been asked questions about what to charge or how to price a particular service.  If we are in business or we have ever tried to sell something we have most likely struggled with this question and the issues surrounding pricing.  There are so many factors to consider that we sometimes forget

Increasing Profits

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You work so hard, you think you are doing everything right, and yet your profits just don't seem to be where they should be.  You have listened to others tell you that you are just too big, or too small.  Someone tells you to hire more employees and someone else suggests that you fire everyone

Subcontractors – The Pros and Cons

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In a recent article we examined the idea of increasing profits through subcontractors.  In this article we will look at the pros and cons and some of the cautions of dealing with subcontractors. One of the obvious advantages includes cost containment.  If you know what it will cost when you establish your proposal you will

Increased Profits through Subcontractors

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In recent surveys we keep hearing the same lament, "I can't find qualified workers."  The other complaint I often hear is "it is so difficult to train my crew and then they forget how to do what I taught them."  Often those things you need them to do aren't done enough for your employees to