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Shining Stars

Find out how to make your employees really shine

I am often asked, how do I get my staff to care?  How do I get them to be more productive?  Before answering these questions, let’s step back a bit and look at some facts with regard to productivity, morale and motivation.  Let’s also turn this around and ask “How can I make my employees feel valued?”  If an employee feels valued, he will care and he will be more productive.

One way to increase production is by implementing an incentive plan.  This plan doesn’t have to be complicated and it shouldn’t cost you money to do so.  In fact, it should result in more profit for you.  An important aspect of your incentive plan is that everyone agrees to it and it is fun!

By giving your employees a chance to really shine, you give them the opportunity to help you and themselves.  In essence what you want to do is to give your staff the feeling of ownership and the ability to control their jobs and their income.  Giving them that little feeling of ownership of their destiny may be exactly what is needed to change an average group into a group of shining stars.