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Fun in the Workplace – Employee Games

When you think of employee games what instantly comes to mind?  Are these thoughts negative or did you think of something positive?  Yes, there is the negative side of employee games, where the game seems to be getting you.  In this case it seems that you are the adversary, as opposed to a team member.  Instead of playing a game, where there has to be a winner or loser, let’s look at games where everyone can will and have fun.

Staff performance games are one way to motivate your staff and achieve the results you want.  Everyone wants to be a winner, and most people enjoy a game.  Your employees will work with more efficiency, speed, enthusiasm and teamwork than ever before.  Your clients will win, and you and your staff will win.

The first step in conducting the game is to decide to do it.  That sounds simple, but it is a vital first step.  Often business owners say they want to play the game of staff bonuses, but somehow the game never quite gets off the ground.

After you have actually made the commitment to play this game, you need to look at how you are going to reward your staff.  You can calculate how much increase the game will bring in and take a percentage of that as bonuses.  One possibility is to allocate a percentage of increased profits to the game.  This way you know you’ll have money for rewards and some extra for the business.