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When you think of employee games what instantly comes to mind? Are these thoughts negative or did you think of something positive? Yes, there is the negative side of employee games, where the game seems to be getting you. In this case it seems that you are the adversary, as opposed to a team member. Instead of playing a game, where there has to be a winner or loser, let’s look at games where everyone can will and have fun.Staff performance games are one way to motivate your staff and achieve the results you want. Everyone wants to be a winner, and most people enjoy a game. Your employees will work with more efficiency, speed, enthusiasm and teamwork than ever before. Your clients will win, and you and your staff will win.Following are some important steps to follow in starting your game: 1. Decide to do it 2. Determine the rules and rewards 3. Communicate with your employees4. Incorporate your employees’ suggestions 5. Work out the details 6. Start the game Next, it’s time to root for the home team. Cheer them on by being enthusiastic about winning the game. Remind your employees about the game and reassure themHave fun and make sure everyone can win – that means your employees, your clients and you.