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Arthur Hart

Practice Management

– Posted in: Health Care

Do you sometimes feel like your practice is running you, instead of the other way around?  Are your profits not where they should be?  Would you like a more effective and efficient practice?  As you know, health care services include much more than simply treating patients. For you to achieve your goals for your practice

Power of Aesthetics

– Posted in: Web Marketing

Beautiful creations catch our attention because they resonate with something deep down in the core of our being. We not only admire the beautiful or aesthetic, we want to find out more about it, how it came into being and how we might be able to have something similar. This admiration we feel for aesthetic creations is

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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The first requirement for visitors to find your business by means of a search engine is to make sure your website is visible to the search engines. This is referred to as being search engine friendly. The exact indexing rules and procedures used by the various search engines are a closely guarded secret. However, there

Search Engines Have to See You to Index You

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Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly scouting the web looking for relevant information to index. They are interested primarily in content in the form of words, not images. They can "understand," categorize and index words and phrases but not image content. This means that websites rich in graphics images, video clips,

Dental Practice Success

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“Our experience with IDEAL Consulting far surpassed our wildest expectations.  Problems disappeared as simple solutions were applied and the level of enjoyment in the practice increased with each improvement.” P. S.,Dentist

Medical Practice Success

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"The greatest value I have received from this course is the confidence in knowing that my main role as an executive is to get work done through others and not feel guilty for not doing the work. It has given me an incredible amount of freedom and flexibility in my life. I now have the