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Affluence – When Things Go Really Well

Managing the upswings in the business

When things in our lives and businesses go really well, what do we do?  I have often seen people who have suddenly sold a big job or “hit the jackpot” go out and spend it all, or worse, buy something on credit.  The reasoning is if things are so good now, they will continue to go well. We suddenly feel rich, we look at this windfall with excitement and sometimes reason just goes flying out the window.

Affluence is defined as “an abundance of material wealth” and the word affluent is simply defined as wealthy.  As I am sure most of us realize a sudden increase in sales or income does not guarantee future wealth.  After the hard work and struggling that may have preceded this new found wealth, we may feel like we deserve to celebrate.  We may feel like things have changed, and yes they have and will continue to do so if we handle this new abundance sensibly.

Although I am in agreement with the desire to celebrate, I would just caution that the celebration be appropriate and that we use this opportunity to strengthen our business or our lives.