Creating effective public relations and marketing plans

This could be one of my most hated phrases.  But unfortunately, I am hearing it much too often these days.  So, what is this about and why am I hearing this phrase and what can we do about it now?  Recently I have had calls or meetings start off exactly this way:  I should’ve listened to you.  Or I wish I had listened.  I thought I would be ok, but… Often it is about the lack of work, occasionally it is about employees.

Regrettably we can’t roll back time, and regret isn’t the answer.  Fortunately, however, we can learn from our mistakes of the past and move forward.  So rather than regret yesterday, let’s see what we can do to really move forward.

Before determining what we can or should do, let’s establish an agreement that although we “should’ve listened”, we aren’t going to get stuck in the past.  Instead, we will move forward, figure out the right things to do and create a success-oriented strategy.  Even though it may seem hopeless, it isn’t too late to change your future, but it does mean putting together an effective public relations and marketing plan.  Realize, by public relations and marketing we don’t mean expensive advertising, but instead a campaign to contact all previous clients and prospects and let them know you are still around and able to service them.  This might mean suggesting ideas for possible future projects.  This could be in the form of information and helpful tips.  Most importantly, it is critical that you do some form of communication if you want your future to be brighter.