A positive approach to problem solving and management to ensure success

By focusing on the positive aspects of our businesses and all areas within our businesses, we can create an environment that fosters success and personal fulfillment. Although we recognize that there are bound to be some problems and setbacks, it’s how we handle them that determines success or failure.

Let’s see how this would apply to a problem employee. We often make the problem more complex by inventing reasons why the employee isn’t doing well or assuming that they don’t want to work rather than just informing them of what we want. Instead of being upset or complaining, the simple and more positive approach would be to face up to the problem. I’m not suggesting that you sugarcoat problems, but I am suggesting that if you face up to and handle the problems in a positive fashion, you will get better results.

Another area that often requires handling is finance. Sometimes you feel you are working too hard for too little return. You may think that you are charging enough, but somehow the bills are mounting up and the profits aren’t where they should be. In cases like this I’ve often seen business owners not wanting to really look at what’s going on. In reviewing your numbers, something may jump out at you. In either case, look for simple, positive actions you can take. If you can’t quite figure out what to do, get some help.