Employees: You can’t live with them – you can’t live without them

Finding and keeping good staff

You can’t live with them – you can’t live without them.  Although you may occasionally want to throw up your hands and fire everyone – or almost everyone – you suddenly realize that you really do need them.  So maybe the question is do you really want to live without them? Let’s take a minute to actually look at the pros and cons of your staff.

Are they as good as you?  Most likely not but remember there is a reason that you are the owner or manager or foreman.  And if they were as good as you, what are the chances that they would be working for you?   But, you say, why can’t they be more competent, or do this task the way I want it done, or ….

Do they usually get the job done with a minimum of mistakes?  If so, consider yourself relatively fortunate.  If not, why not?  Are you constantly frustrated with your staff?  If the answer is yes, what are you doing to fix it?

I sometimes hear complains of “I’d be better off with no staff.”  If you really feel that way, just envision your day or week with no one to help you.  It may feel good or even freeing for a day or two, but how long will that last?

I am often told that it is simply impossible to find or keep good staff and yet I consistently see just the opposite.