This article was written by Lorraine Hart of Ideal Consulting Services and published online and in the Sunday, March 31, 2024 edition of the Houston Chronicle

Springtime is the time that many homeowners find themselves inspired to embark on remodeling projects to breathe new life into their homes. Springtime brings with it a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the perfect time to refresh living spaces and enhance functionality.

The most popular home remodeling projects are kitchens, no surprise given how much time families often spend in and around this gathering space. Kevin Vick, President of Vick Construction & Remodeling says, “We are experiencing many requests for multiple kitchen islands, larger walk-in and butler pantries and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. That will provide homeowners with more space, storage and function.”

Bathroom remodeling can range from updating cabinets, tile and fixtures to a full remodel of a hall or master bath. If you are short on space and wish for a larger bathroom, you can replace a tub with a shower with frameless glass doors to give the appearance of more room. LED lighting systems allow for mood lighting, lighting in mirrors and floor/path lighting for night-time is trending strongly among homeowners.

With home values on the rise, outdoor living projects are becoming even more popular. This may involve adding a deck or patio, installing outdoor kitchens or fire pits, or simply sprucing up existing landscaping. These outdoor renovations not only increase the usable space of the home but also provide opportunities for dining, relaxation and entertainment. There is more focus on lighting, heating and cooling to extend the outdoor season during various weather conditions.

Whole house remodeling has gained popularity perhaps due to the inspiration gained from home remodeling television shows or because more people prefer to remodel rather than move. Many older adults prefer to remain in their own homes and communities rather than moving to retirement communities or assisted living facilities. This trend is driven by a variety of factors, including a desire for independence, familiarity with their surroundings, and the emotional attachment to their homes.

To accommodate aging in place, many homeowners are undertaking home remodeling projects aimed at improving accessibility and safety.  Peggy Stanford of Stairlift Store mentions “Stairlifts are a practical and space-efficient way for individuals with mobility issues who want to remain in their homes. They can be installed on straight or curved staircases, providing a customized solution for different home layouts.”

If you are planning to improve your world by making your remodeling dreams, come true, look for a contractor who has the skills and experience for your particular project and understands your goals. In addition, it’s important you choose someone you are comfortable working with.