What comes to mind when we say remodel?  A new kitchen or bathroom perhaps or maybe an extension on someone’s house?

Why remodel?  People remodel for a number of reasons: greater functionality or efficiency, more space, aesthetics, and so on.  Often, it’s to make room for a growing family, but sometimes it’s to support a changing lifestyle.

How does this apply to remodeling your business?  Whether you realize it or not, your business does follow a model or design.  In many cases the design of a business leads to inefficiencies.  Often the structure, or possibly the lack of structure, leads to confusion.  And we all know that confusion is not very aesthetic, in fact it is just the opposite.  Confusion and disorganization often leads to business destruction.

Remodeling your business is as important as remodeling your office or your clients’ homes.  It is critical to the future of your business that your company is well structured so that you can create an efficient, profitable organization capable of the growth that you want.